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As BDoCs (Black Dads of Color) in Germany, we feel the burden of being a minority group every day. From the playground to the subway to work – external perceptions of Black people and fathers in non-black societies in particular lead to various kinds of racism and discrimination. 

With Black Dads Germany we not only face these problems but also prove that as a BDoC community and as Blacktivist dads we can change the narrative and perception of BPoC in Germany.

We are here to connect and foster new relationships with Black Dads of Color. We want to build and nurture new friendships, develop and grow together as Black Fathers thereby becoming a stronger pillar in our communities. We want to empower Black fathers, mothers and children, as well as the Black community who may feel marginalised or ostracised from society.

Using the relationships we have, we are breaking down boundaries and stereotypes along the way to celebrate who we are, to be proud of who we are and to know who we are.  We are sowing the seeds to give our children the start in life that they deserve. We are here for our children to make their lives as fun and enjoyable as possible.





Alain Missala is the proud father of two wonderful boys, aged 10 and 14, and a little girl aged 2. He is working for an international non-governmental organisation as the lead digital strategist in Berlin, Germany. His team is responsible for digital transformation in 34 countries with over 10,000 employees. 

Apart from his work, Alain is also a part time musician, mixing gospel, soul and jazz, to afro pentatonic. He is the creator of a sing along project in Berlin, where hundreds of people unite through their shared love of music.

In 2020 Alain founded Black Dads Germany (BDG) with the mission to change the narrative around Black fathers. He wants to transform the Black father experience into a positive force.




As a loving father to a 4 year old daughter, Peter Kamya wants to be a good role model for his daughter and to create a prosperous future for her. This is the reason why he joined Alain in creating a movement that connects, empowers and unifies the Black community to build strong foundations for all of our children.

Peter currently runs a hotel representation business that represents a growing portfolio of international hotel brands and privately owned luxury boutique hotels worldwide. Peter’s business offers tailor-made and proactive services to support hotels so that they stand out from the competition and achieve their revenue and brand goals.

Managing and delivering sales and marketing campaigns for key clients while improving revenue, Peter has over a decade of working experience in corporate customer-facing environments.

Peter joined the Black Dads Germany team as Co-Founder in 2020.




Junior Biney is a proud father of two boys aged 10 months old and 4 years old. Junior holds a degree in business management and information technology from the University of Plymouth. He has been living in Berlin for the past years. Junior is currently working for an international ad tech company as the senior technical client services manager and works with some of the world’s biggest marketing agencies, digital publishers and brands. 

Junior is a cycling enthusiast. Previously, he trained cyclists and taught bicycle safety on the busy streets of London. He is an active father and spends his free time reading, playing and having fun with his family!

Junior joined Alain in 2020 as Co-Founder for Black Dads Germany.




Andrew F.d.B is the proud father of two handsome boys aged 3 and 11. He is also a decorated creative director in advertising and brand development. During his career spanning 25 years, he has worked as an art director in Hamburg, Frankfurt, Berlin and London for ad agencies such as JWT, Leo Burnett, McCann and publishing houses such as Gruner & Jahr.

Andrew has been freelancing as a Brand Developer, Art Director, Graphic Designer and Social Media Content Manager since 2014.

Andrew joined Alain in 2020 as Co-Founder for Black Dads Germany.

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